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6ix9ine, Lil AK - GATA

6ix9ine, Lil AK - GATA
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They keep telling me to keep the bitch, but I'ma leave the bitch
Ray Charles, John Cena shit, I can't see the bitch
Shorty said she ain't hungry, but she always eatin' shit
I be coolin', tryna chill, but she always eatin' shit
Kick her out, I don't need a ho, I'ma leave the ho
I won't save her, I won't breed a ho, I don't need a ho
I just f#ck her and mislead the ho, I mistreat the ho
She been all up on my Gram, but I don't see her though
Oh my God (Oh, man)
She can't pay her rent, on the 'Gram she a fraud (On God)
Damn, bought new titties, no car (Skrrt)
How the f#ck you gon' get to your job?
I know this lil' eater, Baquita (Woo)
I tried to buy her Gucci but she really love Adidas
She said her pussy pink, but she from Brownsville
I was rollin' off the pills, so I still f#ckin' kill
Oh damn, let me guess, you need an Uber?
Are you dumb? Are you really f#ckin' stupid?
The J-Train is right over there
2.50, bitch, pay the f#ckin' fare