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Текст песен
Hey ya
I think it's a draw
I had no intention of winning in the first place
Look, you or me, in the yard that's all over (growling)

A-yo a-yo
You got me jumping like a crazy clown
What are you doing
I have to get my rotten teeth out

I love U
Saying like I'd give the whole world
Hate U
Now aiming arrows at each other
It's obvious, bad ending
Spit on your face
A strain has risen, we have become others

I'm crazy about bad love play
Selfish you are tired now
Is it tears or rain
You gave me an insult
Tears dripping

Fall off
It's tears, it's rain
It's tears, it's rain
Tears are full

Heard and rеleased
Stop now
It's not you or me, a child
Aya, I hatе to see you
I’m so done